Top 10 Tourist Attractions in London


Top 10 Tourist Attractions in London

A Journey to the British capital is incomplete without visiting the topmost places of London. Ensure that the topmost attractions are in your list. There are numerous places to visit in London such as, London Eye, British Museum, Tower of London, Sea life London Aquarium (it is a kid friendly place, where children enjoyed a lot), Buckingham Palace (here you can have the chance to meet the queen), National Gallery and many other places in London are must see attractions of the capital. Many famous places in London don’t charge entry fee and few of them are accessible with discounted rates/ special offers when using a London Pass.

The list of topmost attractions in London is based on the response of visitors, now you can also begin your touring in the capital with these famous places of the city.

1British Museum

The Museum is originated in the year 1753, it is basically the assortment of Art and Antiques, books, manuscripts, and natural specimen from prehistoric and existing cultures. It has the magnificent ceilings with a 0.8 hectare space surrounded by a remarkable roof of glass, the Great Court is a true specimen of art.

About seventy galleries are there, also visit the wide accumulation of antiques comprising the Parthenon Frieze, which is the marble statuette formed to embellish the upper portion of the Parthenon and the world famous Rosetta Stone, that basically used to interpret intricate Egyptian symbols.

You can also explore prehistoric mummies and can study regarding mummification procedure and understand how the dead bodies were kept for thousands of years. The museum was opened for general public in year 1759. About six million people visit the museum annually. More than 60% visitors recommended the place because of their wonderful experience.