10 Finest Hotels in the USA 2016


10 Finest Hotels in the USA 2016 & 2017

10 Finest Hotels in the USA : There are number of hotels available in the country but it can be a tough job to find an appropriate hotel. Even after exploring everything from location, on spot facilities and past guest’s reviews, it is not easy to establish about a hotel reputation from afar.

By using an inclusive method estimated over 1,700 hotels in the USA, in account of every hotel’s star ranking and its repute among professionals and tourists. In this year, the travel editors of United States News agencies gathered above two hundred thousand data points to get more information for readers on the top rated hotels in the US. The complete online information of hotels or resorts helps the tourists to explore for the most excellent hotel that suits their requirements, whether they are gazing for a good hotel in New York City with a facility of gymnasium and a swimming pool or a conference hotel with complimentary Wi-Fi access with many other facilities.

In terms of services, renowned properties stand out amongst the rest because of their greater offerings, exceptional client services and restaurants. Premier rated hotels of this year are also located in different sites. The top ten list of hotels in the United States ranging from city center accommodation to countryside resorts are as follows.

1The Lodge at Sea Island

The place claim to be the number one site from the list of finest hotels in Unites States rated for the year 2016, which was on the second position in year 2015. This lodge is continuously the favorite place for everyone whether travelers or experts. This hotel is located in the resort Town of Sea Island in Georgia, the hotel takes care of their guests with a variety of services. The place is full of amenities that provide number of swimming pools, 3 Golf Courses, number of dining choices and many others. The visitors admire all things of the hotel such as, room’s astral showers and pleasing grounds. The hotel staff also overwhelmed with the constant performance of the hotel and the standards improves year by year, especially the marvelous workforce of hotel. In fact the professionals agreed that the Lodge was known as AAA 5 Diamond hotel of 2016 and added many other awards as well.